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For centuries, camel milk has been used by nomads for healing purposes. Its composition is the closest to breast milk, it contains 10 times more iron and 3 times more vitamin C than cow's milk, according to Huffington Post. It has strong antibacterial properties, improves the immune system and has a low lactose content.

   Fermented camel milk is still used, among others in Kazakhstan during the treatment of tuberculosis. Researchers also began research on the use of milk in the treatment of Crohn's disease, breast cancer and autism, the results of diabetes research proved to be the most promising. Dr. Agrawal of the Bikaner Diabetes Care and Research Center in an interview with Huffington Post explains that camel milk intake for type 1 diabetes has significantly reduced the insulin dose needed to maintain long-term glycemic control. This is due to the fact that camel milk has properties similar to insulin.


   Scientific research has proven that camel milk has much more applications:

- cholesterol contained in it is much smaller than in goat's milk or cow's milk

- the level of potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, sodium and zinc is higher than in cow's milk

- camel milk contains 3 times more vitamin C and 10 times more iron than cow's milk

- regular drinking of milk helps fight impotence

- contains six essential fatty acids for human health

- contains a high amount of lanolin, which improves skin tone and reduces wrinkles

- strengthens the immune system

- it is easily absorbed by people suffering from lactose intolerance

- camel milk can also be consumed by people who have inflammation or liver cancer

- helps control high blood pressure

- helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis and osteoporosis.


   It is the best animal milk, and because of its properties and bioavailability, it is often compared to human milk.

  Here are the most important health benefits associated with the consumption of camel milk:

1) prevention of diabetes,

2) supporting the proper functioning of the immune system,

3) stimulating circulation and regulating the heart,

4) counteracting anemia,

4) eliminating autistic behaviors,

5) reduction of allergic reactions,

6) stimulating growth and development due to calcium and its bioavailability,

7) prevention of autoimmune diseases, e.g. Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis,

8) antioxidant effect,

9) delaying aging processes,

10) supporting weight loss.

Composition Camel Milk
The numbers below are percentages per 100ml camel milk

Protein (g / 100 g) 2.55
Fat: (g / 100 g) 3,4
Unsaturated fatty acids 43%
Lactose (g / 100 g) 4.3
Minerals (g / 100 g) 0,9
Energy 68,6 kcal / 100 g

Minerals   Vitamins  
Na (mg%)  36 Tiamina (% mg)  0,03
K (mg%)  60 Ryboflawina (mg%)  0,04
Ca (mg%) 132 B6 (mg%) 0,05
Mg (mg%) 16 B12 (mg%)   0,0002
Zn (mg%)  0.4 B3 (mg%)  0,046
Fe (mg%)  0,04 B5 (mg%) 0,09
Cu (mg%) 0,02 Witamina E (mg%) 0,027
Mn (mg%) 0,02 Witamina C (mg%) 3.6
P (mg%) 58 Witamina A (IU) 129,1
Cl (mg%) 0,16 Karoten (mg%) 0,029

Camel milk doesn’t contain beta-lactoglobulin.

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