Camel milk is an effective source of treatment for skin diseases. In prehistoric times, the Bedouins used it to protect the skin from burns by the merciless desert sun.
  Camel milk contains ten times more iron than cow's milk, is a source of vitamins B and C. Health properties of milk are known to each of us. From a small age we were told that the greatest source of calcium for strong and healthy bones is milk. Derived from desert animals - camel milk also contains antibodies that can help fight serious diseases: HIV / AIDS, Alzheimer's disease and hepatitis B. Specialist research shows that camel milk nourishes and moisturizes the largest human body - skin. Camel milk is used in cosmetics due to the presence of: lactose - "milk sugar", disaccharide, acts as a humectant and moisturizes the skin, proteins - antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, responsible for tissue repair, vitamin C - necessary for the production of collagen, which strengthens the structure and elasticity of the skin. As an antioxidant, it protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals, electrolytes - magnesium present in milk slows down the aging process of the skin and protects the hair from falling out. Preparations containing a camel milk quickly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Dermatological tests show that the milk discussed positively affects a number of skin problems. Currently, camel milk is increasingly used in medicine and skin care, setting new trends and conquering more and more consumer hearts. Camel milk is a noble XXI century natural ingredient of luxury anti-aging preparations.

   Camel milk for the treatment of skin diseases:
- acne - acne changes occur as a result of blockage of the sebaceous gland canal. Then a horn is formed, which fills the hair follicle and pushes it upwards. It is an ideal place for the development of bacteria, thanks to which pus-filled, red spots are formed. Preparations with camel milk improve the condition of the skin, eliminate eczema and neutralize acne scars,
- wounds on the body - preparations with glaucoma milk are used with open wounds and ulcers of various sizes. They reduce skin inflammation - used at atopic dermatitis,
- dandruff - arises as a result of exfoliation of the epidermis with increased seborrhea. Shampoo containing camel milk restores the healthy appearance of the scalp and hair. Due to the antiviral and antifungal properties, camel milk prevents the development of yeasts and bacteria,
- local psoriasis - locally applied creams with camel milk repair the tissues, effectively affect the treatment of local psoriasis,


Wielbłą to sklep z mlekiem wielbłądzim, mleko wielbłądzie to produkt bogaty w składniki odrzywcze, w tym w witaminy oraz minerały. Nasza wielbłądzia farma zajmuje się sprzedażą mleka wielbłądziego najwyższej jakości. Jeżeli chcesz kupić mleko wielbłądzie w proszku to nasza firm spełni twoje oczekiwania. Jedyna taka hodowla weilbłądów w Polsce, prowadzona jest u nas, a nasze wielbłądzie mleko sprzedawne jest za granicę. Za granicą kupisz nasze produkty camel milk. Organizujemy również sympozja na temat zdrowotnych właściwości mleka wielbłądziego, ostatnie organizowane było pod tytułem mleko a cukrzyca, jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany to napisz do nas. Nasi konsultanci odpowiedzą na wszystkie Państwa pytania, zapraszamy do zakupów.